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The Fishing

Southeast Alaska's sheltered nutrient rich waters and rivers have some of the finest saltwater and freshwater fishing to be found anywhere in the world, and the waters around us are no exception. Naha Bay and the surrounding saltwaters are extremely productive for all salt-water species. All five species of Pacific Salmon, including King Salmon and Silver salmon can be found here. Bottom fishing opportunities include halibut, red snapper, and lingcod. Dungeness crab and shrimp are abundant and easily accessible.

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The nearby local rivers and lakes are among the top fish producers in Southeast Alaska. Species that spawn in the rivers include spring and fall runs of steelhead, sea-run cutthroat, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon and Pink Salmon. Resident fish species include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden

naha bay lodge, ketchikan, alaska, halibut and salmon

Saltwater Charters

For groups of 2, 3, and 4 saltwater charters are on board our 24ft Almar Sounder cabin cruiser. For larger groups of 5 and 6 we use local experienced charter boats.All charter boat skippers, including your host, are fully licensed and insured United States Coast Guard Captains.

naha bay lodge, halibut and silver salmon

Guided Freshwater Fishing

We provide a guiding service to a number of remote rivers in accordance with our Forest Service Special Use Permits using either our 24ft cabin cruiser or 16ft Lund skiffs for transportation. (Please note - No guided activity is allowed on the Naha River and therefore all fishing on the Naha is self-guided.).

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Fish Processing & Packing

We clean, vaccum pack and freeze your fish for you at the end of each day. Your fish will be packed in airline approved wetlock boxes for you to take back home.

Self-Guided Saltwater Fishing

We provide fully equipped 16ft Lund skiffs with 25-hp engine, coast guard approved safety gear, fuel, salmon and halibut fishing rods, lures and bait. We also provide our local knowledge, charts and a fish finder to get you onto the fish.

naha bay lodge, halibut and silver salmon

Self-Guided Freshwater Fishing

This includes the use of our 16ft skiffs with 25hp outboards for transport to the local rivers. We can also provide a canoe for crossing the lagoon to shorten the walk to the Naha River. Please bring your own favorite rods for the rivers. Our remote off road location results in low visitor numbers and even less fishing pressure. It will be just you and the fish.

naha bay, ketchikan, alaska, fishing lodge, sunset

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