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The Tongass National Forest - the world's largest temperate rainforest - glacial carved valleys, pristine water sheds, thousands of bays, inlets and islands remote from the road system and large population bases.

naha bay lodge, ketchikan, alaska, king salmon

With it's breathtaking scenery and high concentrations of wildlife our location in the heart of this fabulous forest makes us ideal for your wilderness vacation. Our flexible packages include:

- guided marine and forest nature tours,
- self-guided hiking,
- self-guided canoeing,
- self-guided kayaking,
- self-guided kayak fishing.

Kayaking & Kayak Fishing

Contact us if you are interested in kayaking and/or kayak fishing and we will make arrangements to provide the kayaks and fishing tackle for you and your group. We are just minutes from some of the finest sheltered fishing grounds in southeast Alaska. We are the perfect location for your kayak and kayak fishing vacation.

naha bay lodge, ketchikan, alaska, king salmon

Guided Nature Tours & Bear Watching

Our Special Use permits issued by the Forest Service allow us to take you to a number of stunning locations throughout the forest far from the crowds. These locations include cascading waterfalls, remote lakes and even natural hot springs for you to bath in!

naha bay lodge, halibut and silver salmon

We also have Forest Service permits to the Traitors Cove (Margaret Creek) bear watching platfrom which is just a 20 minute boat ride from us, followed by an easy 30 minute walk along a well prepared logging road. Here you can see several bears and cubs catching and feeding on the salmon run.

naha bay lodge, halibut and silver salmon

Self-Guided Hiking

Use our lodge as your base to explore the trails along the adjacent river system. The 6 1/2 mile trail goes around a tidal lagoon and then along the river up to two lakes. You can book one of the two Forest Service cabins at the lakes for overnight stays in the wilderness away from the lodge. (Bring your sleeping bag - we will outfit you with everything else that you will need for your stay at the cabin.)

naha bay lodge, halibut and silver salmon

Self-Guided Canoeing

Use our double canoes to explore the adjacent lagoon and river system which is just a short paddle and portage from us. We have found this to be one of the quietest ways of observing and photographing the wildlife.

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